About me

So, you’re a UX Designer?
Yes, I love to create fun and engaging products and services from scratch and be part of it until the final stages of development, consulting or helping out as I go. My belief is that the user is reeled into the experience because it suits his/her needs but also because it is fun and thrilling to interact with.  So, my mission is to create THAT. Coming from a background in animation and interaction helps me to succeed in that mission.

But, you’re also an animator?
My background is in animation and games. I’ve started my professional career at a game company and later worked on motion graphics. Some time later I started as an interaction designer at Quby, evolving towards UX design. I think my background gives me an edge because I know how to be pragmatic and result driven, know the power of animation as an interaction/UX-tool and I have hands-on experience with complicated interactive products.

Any other things…?
At Quby, I also act as a Scrum Master for the Design Team, facilitating design processes and empowering the team in getting matters in their own hands.

Any hobbies?
Like everyone I have hobbies, but a lot of time is spend with my kids. If I have any time left I’d like to play (board) games, watch movies, work out (a bit) at the gym (but I rather play squash). When the weather is good I go outside on the skates.